The all-new TUCSON

Step in, Stand out.

The all-new Tucson signals the start of a new day, and a new way of driving. Rejecting the ordinary, the all-new Tucson pushes the boundaries of SUVs to reinvent everything. Outside, the Tucson is designed to impress while inside, youโ€™ll discover a level of roominess, comfort and versatility that exceeds all expectations.

Hyundai Singapore Tucson night driving

Design thatโ€™s thrilling and timeless.

With its 3D parametric-style grille and jewel-like surfaces, the all-new Tucson is for trendsetters with a taste for futuristic design. Adopting a daring new design language we call Sensuous Sportiness and created with cutting-edge digital design tools, Tucson stands out.

Hyundai Singapore Tucson 3d paremetric-style grille and thrilling jewel-like surfaces

The 4th generation Tucson is poised to set new records.

Based on its new innovative design and delivering value above and beyond its class, the all-new TUCSON sets the standard for SUVs and is poised to set new records

Hyundai Singapore Tucson day driving

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