Hyundai Singapore KONA hybrid

The all-new KONA Hybrid.

The all-new KONA Digital World Premiere

An EV-derived, Futuristic Design

KONA started with the EV variant rather than the conventional gas-powered model. This unconventional approach allowed Hyundai to bring tech-centric design thinking to all KONA variants, including ICE, HEV and sporty N Line models.

With the all-new KONA, Hyundai Motor has brought its commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-led design thinking to expand its EV offerings — innovated and advanced by its award-winning IONIQ lineup.

The pure volume is highlighted by the stretched Seamless Horizon Lamp, which is pixelated on the EV variant, marking the first Hyundai model with a Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp that adds to the EV’s distinctive character. KONA’s use of Parametric Pixels also propagates a distinctive design element from Hyundai’s popular EV lineup.

Hyundai Singapore KONA hybrid live a vibrant life

Living Space

The all-new KONA’s larger interior ‘living space’ provides practical features and an evolved in-car experience to accommodate diverse lifestyles. The EV-derived universal architecture accommodates a sporty layout with floating horizontal C-Pad to emphasize KONA’s slim and wide interior, providing a versatile space for driver and passengers.

Hyundai Singapore whats a hybrid

Gets Bolder, More Dynamic

Upscaled with KONA's unique character, the all-new KONA confidently expresses its bold and dynamic presence.

The new KONA’s clean, distinctive nose characterizes the front section’s pure volume, which contributes to the model’s smooth aerodynamic performance.

Hyundai Singapore whats a hybrid

SUV with Dynamic Presence

Despite its futuristic appearance, the new KONA never lets one forget that it’s an SUV. Its dynamic styling is accentuated with boldly sculpted wheel arch cladding that incorporates headlamps and taillamps, reinforcing KONA’s robust underpinning.

The new KONA is replete with parametric surfaces. The sharp diagonal crease of the sides connects the satin chrome molding from the belt line to the spoiler, creating a contour that wraps around the entire vehicle. The rear features another Seamless Horizon Lamp as well as a high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) that is seamlessly integrated within the satin chrome molding of the spoiler.

Hyundai Singapore whats a hybrid

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