Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric

The new KONA Electric.

On to better. On to electric.

The new KONA Electric delivers exceptional electric performance and a generous driving range of up to 484 km. And when you do finally have to plug in, fast charging returns its battery from 10% to 80% state of charge in just 47 minutes*.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric on to electric

Go electric. In style.

Sleeker and more refined, the new KONA Electric’s uniquely confident design has been given an even more streamlined, athletic look – while still keeping its adventurous SUV flair. KONA Electric's high-capacity 64.0kWh battery gives you ample driving range for daily commuting. The maximum driving range reaches up to 484km so you can drive confidently without worrying about recharging.

What is an electric vehicle?

Fully-electric vehicles such as the KONA Electric don’t use any combustible fuel and driving is emissions-free. Because there is no clutch or gears, costly maintenance is reduced, and acceleration off the line is fast thanks to 395Nm of torque. That smooth and fast acceleration makes them a dynamic and exciting drive.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric what is an electric vehicle

Your time for electric vehicles? Now.

You may worry about your impact on the environment and earth's finite resources when you start your engine. But are you ready to do something about it? Are you ready to play a role in changing the way we live, drive, and think about our impact on the world? Then do it: Clear up old misconceptions about electric mobility. Empower yourself with knowledge. And find the right modern car for your lifestyle.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric your time for electric vehicles

A peace of mind.

The new KONA Electric comes with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage*. On top of that, its high-performance lithium-ion polymer battery is warranty protected for 8 years or 160,000 km*, whichever comes first.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric a peace of mind

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