Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric

The all-new KONA Electric

The all-new KONA Digital World Premiere

Bigger and bolder electric mobility.

With its futuristic new look, a more dynamic road presence and a larger living space for all your adventures – this bold, upscaled all-electric SUV offers you cutting-edge smart tech and best-in-class driving range, for electric mobility in style – without compromise.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric what is an electric vehicle

An EV-derived, Futuristic Design

KONA started with the EV variant rather than the conventional gas-powered model. This unconventional approach allowed Hyundai to bring tech-centric design thinking to all KONA variants, including ICE, HEV and sporty N Line models.

With the all-new KONA, Hyundai Motor has brought its commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-led design thinking to expand its EV offerings — innovated and advanced by its award-winning IONIQ lineup.

The pure volume is highlighted by the stretched Seamless Horizon Lamp, which is pixelated on the EV variant, marking the first Hyundai model with a Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp that adds to the EV’s distinctive character. KONA’s use of Parametric Pixels also propagates a distinctive design element from Hyundai’s popular EV lineup.

Hyundai Singapore KONA Electric what is an electric vehicle

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