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Next level multi-purpose vehicle.

Prepare to embark on a new journey into the revolutionary space of STARIA, where you will travel in maximum comfort, enjoy the pleasure of face-to-face conversation, and spend life-enriching moments.

In this space, the possibilities are as unlimited as the different lifestyles of its owners. It’s one small step for STARIA and one giant leap into the future of MPV mobility.

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STARIA: elevating 7-seater mobility to luxury level.

Elegantly futuristic, the STARIA does more than just establish a new design aesthetic: it is redefining the luxury MPV segment to stand in a class of its own. Upgrade to executive class with this luxuriously appointed 7-seater – and experience a new level of comfort. The Premium Relaxation Seats in the second row recline electronically and slide for easy reach or maximised cargo space.

Hyundai Singapore content picture

Digital World Premiere

The all-new STARIA was first revealed to the world on 14th April 2021 – watch it here.

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