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Family first, from the very first mile.

The bold, premium look of the new PALISADE commands immediate attention wherever your travels take you. It’s a unique look that inspires confident driving and your confidence is well placed: PALISADE’s advanced safety features keep you and your loved ones free from danger. PALISADE’s spacious cabin, flexible seating, and advanced connectivity features make it the perfect getaway family car.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade get it done in style

The bold new look.

Born to rule as Hyundai’s flagship SUV, PALISADE shows all the traits of a leader. Both muscular and elegant, it projects a powerful presence with premium qualities that get noticed. Wherever you’re headed, the PALISADE will take you there in style.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade get it done in style

Next level technology.

The PALISADE will always have you looking forward to your drive. Its powerful powertrain delivers quiet, nimble performance that make it a delight to drive. And you’ll be driving with complete peace of mind knowing that PALISADE is equipped with advanced safety systems that protect you against the unexpected.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade get it done in style

Family values.

Family time is precious. PALISADE helps you make the most of it with generous amounts of cabin space that will meet the needs of families, big and small. Extra versatility is built into the living space with flexible seating configurations and abundant storage spaces. Whatever the mix of adults, kids, and cargo, the family-friendly PALISADE is built to handle the job comfortably and efficiently.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade get it done in style

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