Convenience Smart power tailgate.

If the driver stands near the rear of the vehicle for three seconds with the smart key in his or her possession, the tailgate will open automatically, requiring no other action and enabling the driver to remove items from the vehicle easily and conveniently. The driver can adjust the maximum height to which the tailgate opens by setting the tailgate to the desired height and pressing and holding the “Close” button for an extended period of time.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Smart power tailgate
Hyundai Singapore Palisade Head-up Display (HUD)

Head-up Display (HUD)

Hyundai Singapore Palisade 2nd-row USB charging ports

2nd-row USB charging ports

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Wireless smartphone charging system

Wireless smartphone charging system

Hyundai Singapore Palisade heated and ventilated front seats

Heated and ventilated front seats

Hyundai Singapore Palisade driver memory seat

Driver memory seat

Hyundai Singapore Palisade 12.3in touch-screen LCD with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

12.3″ touch-screen LCD with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Comfort Three-zone, independent-control, fully automatic air conditioning.

Palisade features independent heating and cooling systems for the second-row seats, dual fully automatic air conditioning system for the front seats, and adjustable overhead vents that work in tandem with floor vents to help ensure maximum comfort throughout the entire cabin.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade 3-zone, independent-control, fully-automatic air conditioning

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