Hyundai Singapore Palisade on beach deck
Hyundai Singapore Palisade on beach deck mobile

Exterior Outstandingly premium.

From any angle, PALISADE projects the look of authority. From the bold grille to the futuristic design of the alloy wheels, every detail conveys a premium look and feel. The uniquely configured Daytime Running Lights add extra emphasis to the wide, stable stance. For stylistic unity and harmony, rear combination lamps mirror the design of the front LEDs.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade powerful wide side profile

Exterior 360

Exterior Color

White Cream

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Exclusive chrome radiator grille

Exclusive chrome radiator grille

Hyundai Singapore Palisade 20 inch alloy wheels

20" alloy wheels

Electric Sunroof (One Touch Safety)

Electric sunroof (one touch safety)

Hyundai Singapore Palisade LED lamps

LED lamps

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Advanced High Strength Steel

Advanced high strength steel

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Rear LED combination lamps

Rear LED combination lamps

Interior Luxuriously large interior space.

The cabin ambiance is luxurious with light, sporty touches that hint at PALISADE’s exciting driving dynamics. The contoured seats offer excellent support for thigh and back muscles and will have you looking forward to long, relaxing drives. Thoughtfully laid out instrument controls promote safety by keeping hand-eye movements to a minimum. The PALISADE's cargo space is easily configurable. Folding the second and third rows down can offer 2,447 litres of total cargo capacity.

Hyundai Singapore Palisade large interior space

Interior Color

Navy Two

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Spacious and roomy interior

Spacious and roomy interior

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Fully digital gauge cluster and 12.3in infotainment system

Fully digital gauge cluster and 12.3" infotainment system

Hyundai Singapore Palisade Lumbar support for driver and passenger

Lumbar support for driver and passenger

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