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Hyundai Electrified Vehicles

Your time for electric vehicles? Now.

You may worry about your impact on the environment and earth's finite resources when you start your engine. But are you ready to do something about it? Are you ready to play a role in changing the way we live, drive, and think about our impact on the world? Then do it: Clear up old misconceptions about electric mobility. Empower yourself with knowledge. And find the right modern car for your lifestyle.

On to better.

At Hyundai, we believe in creating a greener tomorrow. That is why we have gone all-out to produce an eco-friendly line-up that even other carmakers talk about. Komoco Motors Pte Ltd is a leading pioneer in the movement towards vehicle electrification since 2017. We have embarked on a greener and more efficient approach to our model line-up, with a second generation of electrified model range that is fuel efficient and has low to zero emissions.

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Which alternative fuel is right for you?

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Electric power and petrol take your kilometres per litre further.

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Zero emissions. No more stopping for gas.

Explore our electrified models

Hybrid What is a hybrid?

A hybrid vehicle is equipped with both a petrol engine and an electric motor. They work together with the support of a powerful battery to deliver excellent fuel economy and cut down on emissions – switching seamlessly between the conventional engine and electric motor, sometimes using both. And as part of the regenerative braking system, the electric motor also helps slow the car while charging the battery.

We offer solutions like the new Hyundai KONA Hybrid and IONIQ Hybrid in our selection, both with improved fuel economy and efficiency at 3.9L/100km and 3.8L/100km respectively.

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Electric What is an electric vehicle?

Fully-electric vehicles such as the KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric do not use any combustible fuel and driving is emissions-free. Because there is no clutch or gears, costly maintenance is reduced, and acceleration off the line is fast thanks to the torque. That smooth and fast acceleration makes them a dynamic and exciting drive.

Together with a growing network of EV charging stations island-wide under Singapore's Green Plan 2030, our latest EV models deliver class-leading driving range and vehicle efficiency to take you farther than ever before. We have the new KONA Electric standard and long range SUV, as well as, IONIQ Electric; with driving range up to 305, 484 and 311 kilometres respectively. Both the KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric are well suited for urban city driving in Singapore.

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Common EV Myths – Busted

Like any emerging technological innovation, electric vehicles (EVs) are often misunderstood. Whether it is triggered by uncertainty or by resistance to change, misunderstanding caused by myths can lead to an unfairly negative outlook.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and explore the reality.

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A peace of mind.

Our electrified range comes with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage*. On top of that, their high-performance lithium-ion polymer battery is warranty protected for 8 years or 160,000 km*, whichever comes first.

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