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Mr Clifton Yip and his Hyundai KONA Hybrid at Komoco Motors
Love for SUV: KONA Hybrid

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Mr Clifton Yip and his Hyundai KONA Hybrid at Komoco Motors

Love for SUV: KONA Hybrid

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As part of Singapore Green Plan 2030 to get the nation together in a transition towards a more sustainable future, all new cars registered from 2030 and public transport will have to be “cleaner-energy” models. We showcase customers we met who are already “walking the green talk”.

Mr Clifton Yip’s goal was very clear when he wanted to change to a new car, he shared, “I love SUVs, and I wanted a green car that gives me good savings on fuel and yet still have enough torque”. He converted from a Japanese make brand to his first Hyundai because he felt and noticed that the South Korean car maker has been consistently improving the overall product designs, features and  technologies.

What made you decide on a KONA?

My first criterion is my SUV has a Hybrid engine - I'm stoked with the fuel consumption comparing with the previous cars that I have owned. I'm clocking around 18km/l on average and doing around 580km per tank.

In your opinion, how has Hyundai changed over the years?

Also, the overall designs for Hyundai cars have improved tremendously over the years, as well as, an increase in the enhancement of Hyundai SmartSense, full suite of advanced safety & driving assistance features. My favourite safety feature is the Smart Cruise Control (SCC). I usually use the SCC on the expressway. It is a great intuitive feature that safely assists the driver to follow the speed of the vehicle in front accordingly.

What is your favourite memory while driving the Kona Hybrid?

I really enjoy and appreciate the quietness of the engine. In fact, it’s so quiet that I sometimes thought that I have not start my car when in reality, I already did.

What are you considering for your next car if you will ever change?

For my next ride, I'm eyeing on the Tucson hybrid but of course if my budget permits Santa Fe Hybrid would be nice too.

What would you say to someone who's also interested in this car?

Go for a test drive and see if what I said fits the bill or not.

—Mr Clifton Yip, KONA Hybrid owner since 2020 October

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