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The all-new SANTA FE Hybrid Performance

Powertrain and Performance

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid performance table
Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid performance table
Engine type 1.6 t-GDi Hybrid
Engine capacity 1,598 cc
Vehicle Type Hybrid
Transmission type 6-speed Automatic
Fuel Efficiency 6.9L / 100 km
Max. Power 215 hp / 5,600 rpm
Max. Torque 367 Nm / 1,000 – 4,100 rpm
Acceleration 9.6s (0-100 km/h)
Top speed 180 km/h
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Unleash your potential.

e-Dynamic Drive A more stimulating drive.

When the vehicle approaches a turn, the hybrid system regulates the vehicle's movement to execute torque vectoring, while simultaneously maintaining the ideal wheel grip for dynamic handling performance.

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e-Comfort Drive Steer smoothly.

When passing speed bumps, the hybrid technology manages the motor to reduce vehicle trembling and provide a smooth ride on an uneven road. When accelerating, the hybrid system controls the vehicle's motion so that the driver experiences less shaking and more linear acceleration.

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Smart Regenerative Braking Optimize your stops.

Analyzes the traffic condition and autonomously adjusts regenerative braking level for even more efficient driving experience.

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