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Mr Winston Goh and his wife Mrs Valerie Goh with his KONA EV at Komoco Motors
Push to go green: KONA Electric

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Mr Winston Goh and his wife Mrs Valerie Goh with his KONA EV at Komoco Motors

Push to go green: KONA Electric

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As part of Singapore Green Plan 2030 to get the nation together in a transition towards a more sustainable future, all new cars registered from 2030 and public transport will have to be “cleaner-energy” models. We showcase customers we met who are already “walking the green talk”.

Mr Winston Goh switched from a 2020 Hyundai Venue 1.6 S in November 2020 to the latest 2021 KONA Electric within 9 months. He decided to make a switch to the KONA Electric because incentives for Electric vehicles. He shared, “Petrol costs were increasingly rapidly and there were some government grants on EV purchases, and most importantly, the facelift KONA Electric just looks so good! We fell in love immediately with the KONA Electric’s clean and sleek look. And on top of that, we choose the cool colour tone - Cyber Gray!”

What did you love most about your VENUE 1.6 S?

Personally, the Venue just stood out from the rest in terms of design, from its circular square shape DRL to its strong looking front grille. Surprisingly it is good in ride handling.

What made you eventually choose the KONA Electric?

It was a tough decision to make as I was only driving the Hyundai Venue for less than 9 months! However, we decided to make a switch to KONA Electric as there was a push in the electric vehicle market. As Petrol cost are also increasingly rapidly and there were some government grants on EV purchases and on top of all these, we love the look of the updated KONA Electric.

Why did you choose the KONA Electric instead of a KONA Hybrid?

We find the savings on cost for Kona Electric more than Kona Hybrid. If we were to get the Kona Hybrid, we will have to pay for the rising petrol cost but with an EV, we can save almost 50% of cost per month.

What are your favourite features of the car?

Our favourite features is the full suite of Hyundai SmartSense, advanced safety & driving assistance features including the Smart Cruise Control, Steering Assist and Frontal Collision Assist.

Have you always wanted an EV? What convinced you to get one? Not really to be honest as EVs were not really adaptable or stable in Singapore back then. However, in the recent years, we believe EVs market is getting more and more adaptable and stable in Singapore. What really convinced us to get one was because of the growing market of EVs. In addition, our sales consultant, Mr Joey Sim was definitely one of the reasons why we came back to Hyundai to get the EV. Joey displayed excellent product knowledge and always go to the extra service mile! He is definitely an asset to the Hyundai family.

What do you remember most of your KONA Electric.

Definitely has to be the regenerative braking system from the lifting of the acceleration pedal. I was not used to it at first, but trying it out for a month now, I mastered it! It is been a joy to drive and I am also less worried about the wear and tear effect on the car's brakes.

People say charging an EV is inconvenient. How do you reply to friends who say this?

We do agree 100% as different people has different lifestyle. But it is about time management and planning your day. Be a planner if my wife and I can do it! So can you!

What would you say to someone considering a KONA Electric?

It is one of the best EV to have with its driving range like what Hyundai states and also comparing to the other brands. You will not regret – just get it!

—Mr Winston Goh and his wife Mrs Valerie Goh, KONA Electric owner since 2021 August.

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