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Introducing the E-GMP - the Electric Global Modular Platform
The Pump-To-Plug Revolution

Introducing the E-GMP - the Electric Global Modular Platform - made especially for future EVs.

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Introducing the E-GMP - the Electric Global Modular Platform

The Pump-To-Plug Revolution

Introducing the E-GMP - the Electric Global Modular Platform - made especially for future EVs.

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Around the world, momentum is gathering as more and more consumers are deciding to switch to electric vehicles. Now there are even more reasons to go electric with more robust infrastructure, financial incentives, government legislation, and advanced next generation technology that is capable of delivering a more safe, stable and reliable driving experience. Introducing the E-GMP.

Welcome to the future

There is no getting away from it – the world around us is changing. Changes that are having positive effects on our lives as visions of the future are now quickly becoming a reality. The ways in which we live, work and move are all evolving, underpinned with an increased focus on sustainability. As nations around the world encourage citizens to be smarter in their choices to ensure they care for their environment, many industries have undergone widespread innovation in order to offer more sustainable choices.

One of the ways in which we are being more environmentally conscious in our choices is through our choice of transport solution. From improved public transport infrastructure to share mobility services, the breadth of options available to us keeps growing, while new technologies powering passenger cars has reduced the carbon footprint on the environment.

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Introducing the E-GMP

The E-GMP – the Electric Global Modular Platform – opens up a new era for Hyundai Motor Group, pioneering the development of electric vehicles (EV). This dedicated platform is made especially for EVs. It comprises the chassis of the vehicle including the battery, motor and power electric system, and its scalable wheelbase allows it to form the backbone of many different types of vehicle.

It transforms the ways in which EVs deliver performance, making sure that the driving experience meets your lifestyle needs. Simply put: the E-GMP offers many more reasons to switch to electric.

Large Capacity Battery

Peace of mind

Being conscious of the battery range has always been a big hurdle for EV drivers, but thankfully range anxiety is a thing of the past. No longer will you have to compromise your journey by recharging every couple of hours, as the E-GMP includes a large-capacity battery offering 500km of driving range in a single charge.

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Rapid charging of the E-GMP

Hassle free

None of us like waiting, and recharging EVs used to be a time-consuming activity. Well, with the rapid charging of the E-GMP, in just 18 minutes, you are fully charged. Its 800V charging capability enables super-fast charging. In just five minutes the battery can charge enough for a range of 100km, which could be a quick solution to get you back on your way again. And since you can charge with either a 400V or 800V charger without having to adjust anything manually, you can visit any charging station nearby.

Hassle Free, welcome to the future e-gmp

Next-Level Safety

Clean mobility has always been a solution for a greener world, but EVs are just as safe for the passengers inside as they are for the environment. The E-GMP has safety built right into its core, with an ultra-high-strength steel frame, maximizing the safety of everyone inside. The construction maintains a low center of gravity, meaning better stability on the road and in the case of a collision, the 8-point battery mounting absorbs impact to prevent deformation of the cabin area and keep everyone inside secure.

Have it your way

Unlike past electric platforms, which relied on a platform designed for an internal combustion engine, the new E-GMP is tailored specifically for EVs. With no engine or driveshaft, the proportions are radically different, meaning the cabin floor has a larger, flatter floor space. This means you are able to configure the interior to best meet your individual needs and create a car that truly fits your lifestyle. Whether that means installing a workstation or zero-gravity reclining seats for a near horizontal recline, you can create a memorable in-car experience, using space as you see fit.

Plug In and Play

For decades we have used cars to just get from A to B, but now we can do so much more. Now it is possible to power external devices with the electricity stored in an EV battery. Turning your car into a portable power bank, you can charge your phone or laptop, or take any household appliance on the road with you. Create that outdoor cinema you’ve always dreamed of on your next camping trip or simply take your office on the road – the options are endless. IONIQ 5 will even be equipped with Vehicle To Load (V2L) functionality, and will be continuously expanded to bring true connectivity to the Hyundai lineup.

Hassle Free, welcome to the future e-gmp

The E-GMP is all about freedom in vehicle design. At a time when most EVs being released in the market are looking rather similar, the E-GMP will offer some standout, unique exteriors that will appeal to the customers.


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