Hyundai Singapore VENUE
Hyundai Singapore VENUE

Powertrain and Performance Fill the whole time with joy.

Venue achieves soft riding comfort, sporty handling performance and superior fuel.

Hyundai Venue performance table
Hyundai Venue performance table
Engine type Smartstream G1.6 MPi
Engine capacity 1,598 cc
Transmission type Intelligent Variable Transmission
Fuel efficiency 5.8 L / 100 km
Max. Power 122.6 hp (90.2 kW)
Max. Torque 154 Nm / 4,500 rpm
Acceleration 11.2s (0-100 km/h)
Top speed 186 km/h
Hyundai Singapore VENUE

Intelligent Variable Transmission

To develop the next-generation powertrain ‘Smartstream’, we have put emphasis on designing optimised structure, introducing state-of-the-art technologies for improved combustion efficiency, and combining elemental technologies for synergy. The high-performance features of ‘Smartstream’ provides a fun, dynamic, efficient, and eco-friendly driving experience for Hyundai drivers. Experience it in the Venue, fitted with Hyundai’s Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT).

Hyundai Singapore VENUE intelligent variable transmission

Drive mode / 2WD Multi Traction Control

The 2WD Traction Mode provides differentiated control of the vehicle's driving power based on the road surface. Simply identify the type of road condition, then turn the Drive Mode / 2WD Traction Mode dial and the system finds the optimal performance option for the road surface. Three drive modes (Sport, Eco, Normal) and three 2WD traction modes (Snow, Mud, Sand) can be intuitively selected through a single jog dial.

Hyundai Singapore VENUE traction control

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