Exterior Fresh, forward, fierce.

The first-ever Venue takes to the streets like a boss with its standout style that looks good uptown and downtown. With its wide stance and unflinching profile, the new kid on the block’s got a style all its own. Venue puts a bold face forward with its signature cascading grille, available LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights.

Hyundai Singapore VENUE

Exterior 360

  • VENUE Auto

Exterior Color

Phantom Black

Hyundai Singapore VENUE S flux radiator grille

Flux radiator grille on the Venue S

Hyundai Singapore VENUE auto cascasde grille

Cascading grille on the Venue Auto

Hyundai Singapore VENUE stylish 2-tone accents

Stylish 2-tone colour accents

Hyundai Singapore VENUE LED daytime running lights

LED daytime running lights

Hyundai Singapore VENUE LED rear combination lamp

LED rear combination lamp

Hyundai Singapore VENUE side profile

Sporty side profile with vivid side character-line and sophisticated finish

Interior Color

Mono Black

Interior The smart way forward.

The Venue's interior presents a fun and sporty image through the combination of simple and iconic detailing and extension of 2-tone colour accents.

Hyundai Singapore VENUE interior

2-tone interior colour accents

Going beyond conventional thinking, and having the desire to create something fresh and memorable, you will notice tasteful colour combinations inside the Hyundai Venue. Presenting a fun and sporty new look through the combination of 2-tone colour accents.

Hyundai Singapore VENUE interior 2 tone

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